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Slimy Mushroom in the Forest - janetcrosby.com

More on Mushrooms – Watercolor and Glass

My fascination with mushrooms isn’t new. I grew up hiking through the rain forests of the Pacific Northwest and always stopped to admire the mushrooms – they are everywhere. It’s just that I am taking a closer look now.

Slimy Mushroom in the Forest - janetcrosby.com
I spotted this slimy mushroom on an Oregon forest hike in August 2016.
Slimy Mushroom in the Forest - janetcrosby.com
I have no idea what this is, but it commanded attention. Approximately 5-6″ in diameter.

Have you ever noticed that when you notice something, you notice more and more of that thing? That is what happened to me this week, during my Mushroom Week. I participate (or lurk) in several Facebook groups, and out of the blue, someone posted about mushrooms. I don’t even recall what the post was about (maybe cookbooks?), but because of that I discovered this gem:

That is a crazy huge title, but basically, the famous children’s author (July 28, 1866–December 22, 1943) loved mushrooms too. She did gorgeous paintings of them, as shown in the linked article above.

She did lots of self-study about mushrooms and made many scientific discoveries. The kicker is that, as a woman in the late 1800’s, she was not allowed to join male-only scientific communities of the day and present her findings. So she painted. And, in time, her theories proved to be true.

This reminds me of the story of Mary Anning (21 May 1799 – 9 March 1847) who studied fossils, made amazing discoveries, was a talented artist, and yet could not present her findings in male-only scientific communities, either. I learned about Anning in Tracy Chevalier’s book, Remarkable Creatures.

Now to the Present Day

I am not an illustrator and I have not made any amazing scientific discoveries, but I am having fun painting mushrooms and looking at them in a new light, with added color.

Watercolor mushroom study and bird - janetcrosby.com
A blue bird musing about mushrooms.

Which, of course, led to a mushroom-making torch session.

Making a lampwork mushroom - janetcrosby.com
Making a glass mushroom.

Bringing it all Together

Watercolor and glass mushrooms - janetcrosby.com
Because that is what makes it fun!

So Grab Your Fungi-Loving Friends…

I will be offering these glass mushroom necklaces in my Facebook Group, Instagram, and via email request. All listings will be posted first in my Facebook group.

They are $15/for each mushroom – This includes your choice of a steel 18″ ball chain (as pictured) or a lobster clasp. Free US shipping. Discount for international shipping.

Got lots of friends? Buy 3 for $40.00. 😀

Many Mushroom Necklaces - janetcrosby.com
So many mushrooms. Wired on copper or nichrome.
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