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Magic and Mushrooms

No, not those kinds of mushrooms! Read on…

It began like so many weekends, filled with promise. Mostly my selfish promise of staying in my studio all. weekend. long. and making art. But… that didn’t happen.

Plans, interrupted

Life, laundry, and all of the regular stuff squeezed in. This may sound like a failure or disappointment, but it was the best weekend ever.

I didn’t go anywhere or do anything out of the ordinary. I don’t have any make-you-jealous vacation photos. I just went with the flow, enjoying the here-and-now with family and friends.

It sounds too simple — not even worthwhile to mention, but in this day of constant distractions and interactions (constant!) it is more and more of a challenge for me to simply sit and be present.

I had to remind myself — oh so many times — to not be annoyed at what wasn’t happening, but what was.

And then … it was kind of magic

Laughs were the kind that brought tears to my eyes. Conversations had more weight. Everything took on a more saturated color.

Fall Trees - janetcrosby.com
A rainbow of fall leaves

Sometimes you find the very best things when you aren’t even looking for them.

Hidden Fish - janetcrosby.com
Clouds, sky, leaves, and … a fish as big as my dog.

And Now… Mushrooms

Talk about something that I don’t usually look out for — mushrooms.

We have had more rain than usual this year, and I love it. This also means mushrooms are springing up all over in the yard and I worry about the dogs eating them. I know virtually nothing about mushrooms, so I attended a presentation at the library about mushroom identification. I wanted to find out what these pesky ‘white mushrooms’ are.

Mushrooms - janetcrosby.com
Regular ‘ol mushrooms. But are they?

I didn’t bring any samples with me, so I didn’t learn the exact identification, but I was shocked at how many different types of mushrooms the presenter brought in from an afternoon walk. The variety! The colors! I also learned that very few are officially classified as ‘white’ mushrooms. More like ivory or gray or beige.

It was pretty cool, seeing two tables of very different sizes, shapes, and colors of fungi. I wish I had taken a photo. Instead, I just have photos of my garden-variety mushrooms.

Today I looked a little closer in my yard. I counted at least 5 different types of mushrooms in my yard, not just one kind of ‘white mushroom.’

More Mushrooms - janetcrosby.com
Obviously another kind of mushroom! I never really looked….

A New Perspective

Just like my weekend experience, a new perspective is a good thing. I went from being annoyed at the pesky ‘white mushrooms’ in my backyard to a sense of wonder at how different each one was and how cool the shapes and lines are.

I actually picked a few (I touched them!) and took photos today instead of cursing their existence. 😀

A new view - janetcrosby.com
A new perspective of the humble backyard mushroom

I made the above image using a photo I took and the Prisma app on my phone. Really fun!

Weekend Soundtrack

I have a great capacity for listening to the same song or playlist on repeat. So much so that I used to worry that something was wrong with me. Now I embrace it. It is my meditation.

This weekend, it was a gorgeous track called Anthem by Doug Appling, a Portland, Oregon musician also known as Emancipator. It is from his debut album titled “soon it will be cold enough.” Perfect title.

This song is the keening sounds of geese in the fall, filled with bitter and sweet. My weekend in a song.

You can hear a sample in the player below or you can listen to the full version on one of these sites:

Art Still Happened

I didn’t spend all of my time locked in my studio as I envisioned, but I did find time to do art! I will have new items available in my Facebook Art For Sale group later today.

Birds, birds, birds - janetcrosby.com
Birds, birds, birds!
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