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Summer Sorting

Summer is both a crazy busy time and a lull time. Busy with longer days and all of the fun things do to outdoors. Lull time for business and shopping. I am spending this summer busy outdoors and busy indoors, sorting. Sorting inventory and organizing gallery spaces. This is not my skillset, but I am persevering! It does feel good to get everything in order.

So far, I have concentrated on brick-and-mortar spaces. I am in the final phases of tackling my online inventory. I only have two online spaces, but they were both in dire need of inventory checkup and sorting. Now I have everything synced together in one shop with a few additional listings in my Etsy shop.

It’s All Good But…

All of this ‘non-creative’ work wears me down. How do you rejuvenate when tasked with the not-so-fun parts of your job or business? For me, I take photos, draw, and paint. And do lots of walking and hiking. These activities are my oxygen when these other tasks feel suffocating.

A Peek At My Summer

Roadside Flower Stand
Roadside flower stand that operates on the old-fashioned honor system. You pay by putting your money in the metal box on the left.
Trying out watercolor and pen flowers
Watercolor tablet – flower ideas with paint and ink.
Watercolor flowers
More flowers. I have been adding the ink while watching the Olympics.
My garden plant
I decided to go with Hens and Chicks (this type of succulent plant) for my garden this year. I am in love with these plants. Also in love with the fact that they can survive pretty much on their own. A necessity with me as the gardener.
Lady's Mantle with Rain
Lady’s Mantle. I cannot resist rain drops on plants! Nature art.
Hens and Chicks
Mama ‘hens’ with their little ‘chick’ sprouts. Oh, the cuteness.
Sidewalk Flower Stand
Sidewalk flower stand. I love the explosion of color.
More watercolor-pen explorations
More watercolor-pen explorations.

Happy Summer!

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