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Rock, Paper, Flowers

Inspiration is everywhere for me. Sometimes I am actually slowed down by my overflow of ideas. My goal is to utilize my inspirations rather than let them pile up. Because I don’t want to be drowning in supplies and stuff and never actually creating anything.

That said… I have been busy this summer, collecting things that catch my eye. Storing up art items for when the long days of winter are upon us.

Sticks and Stones

I mean, who can resist these beauties? The only thing that stops me from picking up more rocks is how far I have to hike back carrying them. Which is sometimes a problem.

Sticks And Stones - janetcrosby.com

Watery Color

Sometimes I am stuck on colored pencils, other times I work with acrylics. Lately, I am diving into watercolors. I have worked with watercolors off and on over the years and took a couple online classes this summer which fueled my interest.

I really try hard to NOT buy any more art supplies, but I am weak. I caved yesterday, seeing all of those tempting art supplies in the back-to-school section. The good news is that this paint set and 4-pack of brushes was less than $4 total!

I mention that because staring at a blank page can be intimidating. Starting out with supplies that are not very expensive helps break down that ‘what if I screw up’ or ‘I don’t want to waste art supplies’ feelings. It also ‘doesn’t count’ for my promise not to buy more art supplies. Right?

Try it. Jump into some color.

Watercolor Flowers - janetcrosby.com

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