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Ombre Enameled Hearts

New today in my shop: enameled hearts.

Wear some love.
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Enameled Copper Hearts by Janet Crosby

Handmade hearts… made with love.

How I made these hearts

Each of my enameled heart pieces starts our with copper.

I soldered and hand-cut these heart shapes out of 100% copper sheet metal. I did not use a pattern or die-cutter to create these heart shapes, so each one is unique.

Here are some of the heart blanks I have created.

Copper Heart Blanks by Janet Crosby

After making the hearts, I polish and coat them with fine lead-free glass powder (called enamel). I melt the enamel smooth with my propane-oxygen torch.

The loop was polished and hammered smooth to shape it and strengthen it. I added a copper ring and attached a sterling (92.5% silver) fine cable chain. Each heart comes with a chain — 18 inches long with a spring-loop clasp.

Where to Purchase

I have listed the three hearts pictured above in my shop. I will be adding additional enameled pieces (necklaces, earrings, and components for your own designs) over the next few days.

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