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Red Glass Charms by Janet Crosby

New Charms, Roosters, and Mosaics

As a general rule of thumb, I try to post new photos and info here first, then share that post on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest) channels. Sometimes, though, things are extra hectic and I post out ‘there’ first.

And it has been hectic lately. Here are a few photos and updates from the last few days.

Seeing Red (And Orange)

This set of red mini-charms was for a custom order. I shared this photo on my Facebook page and was a little surprised at how many red-lovers there are out there. Also, apparently how rarely I use red glass.

Red Glass Charms by Janet Crosby

I had cleared off my workbench and only allowed shades of red, a little pink, and some coral and orange. This limited palette was a fun challenge. I had to remind myself that these beads needed to be mini-sized too. I tend to default to my usual sizes for beads.

Mini Roosters

Another recent order was for mini rooster beads. I know that I must have made mini roos before, but I couldn’t remember when that may have been. I wasn’t sure about making a super small rooster tail. It was fun, though! I have a few new ones in the kiln now.

The large orange rooster in the backgroud is ‘regular’ size (about 2″ across).

Mini Lampwork Glass Rooster Beads - www.JanetCrosby.com

More Mosaics

I thought I would do the octopus mosaic and be done with mosaics. But I loved doing that way more than I thought I would(!) and am now delving into mosaics.

This project was to practice using glass — tiles and stained glass, and to practice using a non-flat surface.

Stained Glass Mosaic Flower Pot - JanetCrosby.com

I pre-sealed the terra cotta pot using a mixture of water and Weldbond glue (new favorite glue!). I also applied the glass and tiles with Weldbond. All that is left is to seal the grout so this pot can become a new home for plants.

Then I started my next project. You can probably guess where this is going.

Mosaic Photo Frame - JanetCrosby.com

Octo Frame Mosaic - Janet Crosby

I still have a little finish work to do on this frame. It didn’t turn out quite as I had pictured in my mind, but I am happy with it — especially the blue swirly glass contrasting with the red.

Next Color Batch — Purple

Another color I sometimes need a reminder to use when I make beads. The idea for the limited palette of purple came up during the red bead conversation on Facebook.

Purple Glass Rods for Lampworking - janetcrosby.com

I made beads for several hours, only using purples (and clear). This is a first.

Can’t wait to open the kiln tomorrow…


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