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Wave Bracelets by Andrea Guarino

Waves of Color

Even though I have been focusing on creating with a ‘limited palette’ of colors (so far, red beads and purple beads), I love color. All the colors.

I am so excited to learn a new technique — coloring sterling silver.

Feast Your Eyes 🙂

Wave Bracelets by Andrea Guarino
Wave Bracelets by Andrea Guarino – photo used with permission

These are Andrea Guarino’s amazing creations. Aren’t they beautiful?!?  I am headed to take a class with Andrea Guarino who is a glass and metalsmith extraordinaire. I am so excited!

I will be learning how to make these bracelets and how to color the metal as shown above. I love learning new techniques and trying to come up with new ways to interpret. Plus, Andrea is an awesome teacher and friend. Whatever she does… it is always FUN.

More Waves

This is a midway photo of a bead-in-progress. Can you guess what it is? I will post photos after it is out of the kiln tomorrw.

Chicken of the Sea Rooster by Janet Crosby

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