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Octopus Detail - janetcrosby.com

Studio Octopus Complete

I started my mosaic octopus some time ago and at times I wondered if I would ever finish this piece, but I am happy to say that the octo is up! It has been a long labor of love.

Octopus Mosaic in Studio - JanetCrosby.com

Mosaic Art

I didn’t think I would enjoy doing a mosaic. It seemed way too exacting and measured and …  too geometric for my swirly tastes. I love mosaics, just never thought I could do one.

My goal was simply get this to completion. I knew I wanted an octopus and I wanted to use my various beach finds — rocks, shells, and glass — as part of it. I shared some progress shots along the way.

Then it was time for grout!

Octopus Mosaic Grout - www.janetcrosby.com

This process was every bit as messy as I thought it would be. This piece is 4.5 feet wide and I needed help. Thank goodness trusty Studio Husband was back (he built this studio, but isn’t that much into doing arty things). He helped with the grouting and finishing of this huge piece.

Studio Husband Grouting Octopus Mosaic

A Closer Look

I cannot resist glass globs and have way too many of them. For this piece though, they made great bubbles and octo-grabbing goodies, like this one. Another reason to love mosaic-ing.

Octopus Detail - janetcrosby.com

Octopus Detail - Tidepool - Janet Crosby

I used the ‘cracks’ below to create mini scenes, like this sorta-tidepool with limpet shells, glass, and rocks I have found over the years. Plus more glass blobs and ceramic dots.

Octopus Detail - Tangle of Tentacles

A tangle of tentacles! I still had a little grout cleanup to do at this point, but almost there.

Octopus Detail - Shells, Stones, Glass Globs - Janet Crosby

Shells, rocks, and yep… more glass globs. 😀 I made the smaller ‘barnacle’ ones on the left by nipping some of my handmade murrini cane (what I use to make anemones in my tidepool pendants like this one) and fusing it into blobs.

See that beautiful green tile? My NYC sister gifted that to me when I was there taking care of her. Thanks, sis!

Octopus Detail - Ocean Love

Ocean Love.
A little bit of love from the deep blue sea.

Break Free

I call this piece Break Free to be a reminder to me to break free from artistic constraints. Usually self-imposed constraints. Those times I think “I can’t” or “it’s not done that way” and to try something new.

Like breaking free from my “I-can’t-do-mosaic-work” mentality. I discovered along the way that I really enjoyed piecing things together. And it can be as swirly as I want. I found that doing this mosaic was meditative for me. Hours flew by.

My goal in my studio is blur the lines between torchwork, fusing, and mosaic to come up with new ways to enjoy glass as a creative medium.

Interestingly, as I was working on this piece, an octopus really did escape from an aquarium in New Zealand. Go, octopus! And he wasn’t the first in the news to similarly escape. Maybe that should be go, octopi!

Octopus Mosaic - JanetCrosby.com

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