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Janet Crosby Torchwork - Creative Life Spokane

Creative Life Spokane Photos

Last month I posted a behind-the-scenes look at my studio photo shoot with Jon and Tim from Creative Life Spokane. We had a great time!

Yesterday they revisited my studio, with photographs in hand. Jon and Tim captured my studio, tools, and me working at the torch. I am excited to share a few of the photographs here. All photos used with permission.

Creative Life Spokane Photos

Janet Crosby Torchwork - Creative Life Spokane
Making a round bead with raised dots
Janet Crosby Torchwork - Creative Life Spokane
Winding molten glass on a steel rod. All of my beads start out this way. Depending on how much glass I add and when or if I squish it, they go on to become round beads, dogs, cats, roosters or… ?
Janet Crosby Torchwork - Creative Life Spokane
The purple screen cuts the flame glare. The round tube is my ventilation system, pulling all of the hot gas (from melting glass) up and away.
Janet Crosby Lampwork Beads - www.janetcrosby.com
A few of the beads that I love to make – dogs, cats, roosters, Bed Head faces, dog bones, and ocean beads.
Janet Crosby Lampwork Necklaces - www.janetcrosby.com
Finished pieces using my beads and headpins (glass wound on copper wire).
Glass Rod Storage - www.JanetCrosby.com
MMMM Glassssssssss! I use glass rods that are about the diameter of a pencil. I pull them into spaghetti-size glass stringer for detail work (dots, stripes, etc.) on my beads.

Creative Life Spokane Artwalk Exhibit

Jon and Tim do these amazing artist studio photo shoots and run the Creative Life Spokane website for their love of photography and building a community of artists. I was the 75th artist that they have photographed and am thrilled to be part of this project. Here is my page on Creative Life Spokane.

Tonight – May 6th, 2016 – is the first photography exhibit for Creative Life Spokane at First Friday Artwork. Congratulations on all of your hard work, Jon and Tim!

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