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Octopus Mosaic - JanetCrosby.com

Octopus Progress

A few days ago, I posted a photo of an octopus mosaic that I am working on (that post is here).

My studio is almost complete. All except for this bare spot on my wall.

Bare spot on my studio wall

The octopus is now all glued down and I am working on the water. Here is a progress shot from yesterday.

Octopus Mosaic - JanetCrosby.com

This is my first mosaic. It may have been wiser to start with something smaller. Nahhhh. 😀

My daughter, who is in high school and has done several beautiful mosaics in art class, got me started on this one and showed me how to nip tile. The mother-daughter project that I envisioned evaporated quickly, as she has other things she would rather do. But I am grateful for her help getting started on this.

I am enjoying doing a mosaic. It is kind of like a jigsaw puzzle that you make up as you go along.

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