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Cherry Blossom Heart - janetcrosby.com

Happy Spring (and New Beads)

First off, happy spring! Even though many of you have been experiencing less than spring-like conditions.

I found this sweet little cherry blossom heart last week while walking. At first, I thought someone fashioned this floral greeting, but it was just the way a little branch was growing out of the trunk.

I know. I couldn’t believe it either.

Cherry Blossom Heart - janetcrosby.com

New Bead Sets

If you know me, you know I am not a great maker of bead SETS. I try, but … halfway through a bead, I am already designing the next (totally different) one. Plus, I am not the matchy-matchy type. However, for reasons unknown even to me, I have been making a few sets. I am excited because I would love to see what you jewelry designers out there come up with.

They are mini sets, and they aren’t identical, but matching enough to appear in a photo together. I have listed them in my site shop. Here they are.

Quilted- Set of 5 Handmade Glass Beads by Janet Crosby

3 Orange Birds - Lampwork Glass Beads by Janet Crosby

Electric - Lampwork Glass Beads by Janet Crosby*if you are not finding the beads shown above, they may be sold. Please contact me to order a similar set for you.

Studio Helper Still At Work

My new studio is finally complete. My hope had wavered. All that is left is hanging the art on the walls. It is a wonderful space and I am having fun getting settled in.

I received some equipment yesterday, and it came with a box inside of a box. Someone was super happy about that. Get the full story (and photos!) by clicking here.

Quincy and the Tiny Box - aboutvetmed.com

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