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Creative Life Spokane - light metering

Creative Life Spokane Photo Shoot

My studio remodel seemed to take forever, but thankfully we got it finished just in the nick of time for a long-planned photo shoot with Jon and Tim from Creative Life Spokane.

Creative Life Spokane was started 3  years ago by photographers Jon Leper and Tim Halloran to showcase their creative endeavors in photography, be a central location to learn more about local art and artisans, and to help artists show where they work and what they do.

Behind the Scenes

Tulips on a spring day - janetcrosby.com
We had a beautiful start to the day.
Creative Life Spokane Photography Equipment
Lots of equipment.
Creative Life Spokane photo shoot set up - janetcrosby.com
Jon and Tim got to work right away, setting up reflectors, flash equipment, and metering light in my studio.
Creative Life Spokane - light metering
Here, Tim checks how much light is bouncing off of Jon’s head. Or something like that.
Creative Life Spokane - sun umbrella testing
Since it was such a gorgeous day, we decided to go outside. They had a new ‘sun umbrella’ to try out.

Creative Life Spokane Exhibit

It isn’t easy (for me, anyway) having my photo taken, but hopefully, a photo or two turned out. Jon took several photos of my workbench and tools, so at least there is that. Tools always look good.

Creative Life Spokane has photographed 75 local artists — visual artists, performers, musicians, and craftsmen to date. Photos from my shoot will be up in a week or two. I will post an update when they are live.

Update: Here are a few photos from our photo shoot. Here is my page on Creative Life Spokane.

They are having their first photography exhibit on May 6th for the First Friday Artwalk at Marmot Art Space in Kendall Yards, and details can be found here.

Thank you, Jon and Tim!

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