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Quincy and the cords - Janet Crosby

Studio Update – So Close

The studio rebuild work continues. It seems like the small fiddly bits are taking the longest. Right now I am mainly waiting on floor tile to be done. I can’t wait to move in and organize everything.

Quincy and the cords - Janet Crosby
Ever-present studio helper

I am perhaps a little more excited than I should be with this door. I love it. My husband isn’t the tidiest of workers, but here is a glimpse of the progress.

Studio Door at www.JanetCrosby.com
A peek through the door — soothing green walls and nice bright lights.

The rebuild has been a good diversion during winter. Spring is just around the corner!

Winter Field by Janet Crosby
Winter has been drab and grey with peeks of color, usually at sunset.


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