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New York City

My next post was going to be a studio remodel update or maybe what new glass or art I am working on. Instead, this is a ‘live from New York’ update. I am here because one of my sisters had to have an emergency surgery, and I am helping out.

I will be back soon and hope to have the last bit of studio remodel work completed by mid-February.

In the meantime, here are some sights around the city.

NYC SKyline on a Blue Sky Day - Janet Crosby
Manhattan looking north. Empire State Building on the left.
NYC Skyline - Janet Crosby
Same view, with the sun low in the sky.
NYC Cafe Dog - Janet Crosby
Waiting for her human to return…
NYC Empire State Building - Janet Crosby
The Empire State Building at night.

The Empire State Building light display has become quite fancy in the last few years – with dancing lights and changing displays. This is not the best photo, but a beautiful display celebrating the Chinese New Year.

Here is a video of the lights in action.

Street performers (caution – might be loud on your speakers)

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