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Walk Along 5th Avenue in Winter

Back From NYC

My sisterly nurse duties are done for now. I may go back in a month or so when my sister has to have another surgery. Time will tell.

Nurse Duty
Nurse duty meant keeping track of everything.

Before I Left NYC

Here are a few more photos from my time in the city. My most favorite thing to do — over all of the other things to do in NYC — is to walk. I walk everywhere. I love the sights and the exercise is good, too.

Dog Meeting NYC
Dogs and walkers saying hello.
Walk Along 5th Avenue in Winter
Central Park on the right, 5th Avenue on the left. A brisk walk on a brisk day.
St John the Divine NYC
St. John the Divine Cathedral – especially imposing on this winter day.
Thou Shalt Not Poop
St. John means business.

Back Home And…

Quincy the Cat
Somebody missed me. Like, seriously.

Coming Up

These shiny new tools arrived the day before I left. I can’t wait to try them out. The big tool in the lower left of the photo is an initial stamp. Sometimes referred to as a ‘maker’s mark,’ I will use it for bigger pieces.

New Glass Tools!
New Glass Tools!
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