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What Does YOUR New Year Look Like?

I have many new ideas and plans for this year. Too many to list all in one post. So this is the start of a series of posts on ideas, plans, and dreams for 2016.

What is new for this New Year? -JanetCrosby.com

My first idea involves viewers of this site and my Facebook page. And that is to… share your art! I can already hear people say “but I am not artistic” but that isn’t going to stop me with this idea. 🙂

Read on…

Two of my closest friends gave me Believe pop-open cards. They are mini on-demand little fortune messages. This is the first one I opened as I started out this year:

I believe I will write - janetcrosby.com

The journal was also part of this gift, and plays into my word for 2016: re-write. More on that in a future post.

I firmly believe that everyone has creative talent. Maybe your talent is a visual one such as drawing, painting, computer graphics, or mixed media. Maybe you are a musician (I am envious of you), a baker, a cook, a teacher, woodworker, welder, writer… you get the idea.

I believe it, and now I want to see your talents. 😀

I’ll start

I decided to mix it up. Revisit some ‘old’ art supplies and create something new. I started with wax seals. Note all of the matches in this photo. Lots of melting!

Creative Messy WorkDesk - janetcrosby.com

Then I added in ink stamps and ink pens and created little cards and wishes.

Wax Seal Cards - janetcrosby.com

Someday you may see one, tucked in an order from my shop or in the mail.

Your turn

Please post your creations and inspirations. You can post them on this blog post comment section (comments open for 7 days from today, but unfortunately just text allowed in the comments), or as a comment on the this Facebook post. Share your website and shop links too.

Join in on Instagram and Pinterest, too! Add the tag: #2016ArtWorks

2016 Waves -janetcrosby.com


With so much negativity in the world and daily bad news headlines, let’s add some color, light, and love to the world.

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