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Oh January! janetcrosby.com


This has been a loooong January. I planned to spend this month doing “paperwork” and while I was ready to dig into my not-so-favorite tasks, I am eager to get back to glass!

My plans included general organizing, doing annual taxes, finishing up the studio remodel (so close!), adding a secure certificate to my site, and redesigning my website and shopping cart.

Oh January! janetcrosby.com

Here is a rundown of my progress:

  1. Organizing – This is an ongoing task for me. Not my skill set. ha! But I am working on it.
  2. Annual taxes – I crossed this off the list TODAY. *happy* With a new resolve to be more organized in this department for 2016. See item #1.
  3. Studio remodel – Last thing on the list: waiting for the floor tile to be laid. My husband and I have done most of the work on the studio remodel project ourselves, but agreed to hire the tile work. I slipped up on scheduling and have a little gap from finishing painting until the tile finisher is available in mid-February. But… so close I can feel it!
  4. Secure certificate – This keeps my site secure (https and green padlock in the address bar) when shopping on my site. Click on the RapidSSL icon in the right sidebar for more information.–>
  5. Website and shopping cart – I am still setting up some shopping cart options for my site shop (I will be offering additional payment options besides PayPal), and fine-tuning the overall site design, but it is very close.

I need a few more days to fuss with images and other behind-the-scenes things on my website, and then I will be adding new items.

In Other News

I participated in a very fun project called Love Notes by Jennifer Beltoff.

In a nutshell, you are paired up with someone somewhere in the world and the object is to write 1 postcard a week for 3 weeks. Each week we receive a prompt to write to / answer. It is something fun to think about and find in your mailbox.

We are in week #3. Here are the cards I sent out in weeks 1 and 2. I used the prompt as the text of my design. Next round is in April – it’s free, it’s fun, do it!

Love Notes - janetcrosby.com

Love Notes - www.janetcrosby.com

I had a too-short but excellent girls’ weekend with my friends in Boise. We hiked for miles, escorted by Oliver. He was an enthusiastic trail guide.

Oliver Bean of Boise - janetcrosby.com

And with that, I am going to get outdoors and walk my dogs. Thanks for sticking around and stopping by.

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