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Studio Update: Drywall

While I haven’t melted glass lately :(, I have been working. The studio is coming along.

Inspector Q

Quincy has been very interested in this project, right from the start. I thought he would grow tired of the action, but no.

Inspector Quincy - janetcrosby.comWe should have named him Curious. He has completed many inspections so far.
Inspector Quincy - janetcrosby.comHe doesn’t hesitate to climb up for a closer look when deemed necessary.Inspector Quincy - janetcrosby.comEverything in place for drywall. Then tile. Soon…Ready For Drywall - janetcrosby.com

Site Cart Update

During the studio remodel + winter downtime, I have also been working on the shopping cart for the site shop. It is tedious, but I am happy with this cart and it will be adding new items.

For now, a few listings are on sale in the bead section. I will be adding jewelry, photography, and other items in the next few days.

Shopping Cart