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Sparkly New Year

Happy New Year! Seems like such a cliche’, but I am genuinely excited for 2016. The last year was fine – no complaints, but I view it as an incubator year. A year of cleaning up clutter (real life clutter and less tangible clutter, too) and a feeling of ‘getting ready’ for new things, such as the studio re-build.

I am ready for a new year of inspiration, art and business projects, and learning new skills. What about you? Bring it, 2016.

After being under cloudy-snowy skies for much of December, this is the bright view that greeted me on New Year’s morning.

New Year's MorningIt got down to 6 F last night, with patchy fog. That means one of my favorite things about winter… hoar frost!

It sparkles like diamonds everywhere – land, trees, and fence posts. Here is a ground-level view.Hoar Frost Landscape

And a close-up view of my metal railing fence. Frosty Fence Rail

Look at those spikes!Hoar Frost Fence WireSnow is normal here, but to be completely calm for days is not. We usually have a fair amount of wind.

It is a treat to see the snow hanging on every little nook and cranny and on branches everywhere.

Snowy Lane
Add some hoar frost, and it is pure magic.Hoar Frost Framed Barn

Locust tree pods that didn’t fall during autumn are now frozen in place.
Frozen Locust Pods

In the grip of the icy claw of winter.
Icy Tree ClawSpring will soon be on its way.

Welcoming in the New Year

A friend and I attended a yoga workshop today that featured poetry, art, meditation, along with a great yoga workout. It was a perfect way to clear the slate and set a focus for the year ahead. I’m ready!

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