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Art Share Update & One-Word

Challenge Accepted

Yesterday I posted a challenge of sorts, Basically a call to show us your art! Whatever your art or talent is.

I would like to periodically spotlight others – artists, musicians, cooks, makers, and creatives here on this blog. #2016ArtWorks

Art Pens - janetcrosby.com

To be honest, I didn’t expect a response. Even though -hello- I know that there are so many of you arty friends out there!

Meet Who Showed Up

On my Instagram photo, Dr. Young of Harris Parkway Animal Hospital left a nice comment. And now I want to share his art/talents.

I met Dr. Young first on Twitter. I thought he had a great eye for photographing the pets and people that visited his clinic and a wonderful way with captions.

Later, we met in real life, and he is the real deal. Genuine and kind. And besides being a great veterinarian, he adds kindness to the world with his posts. We need more of that. Thank you, Dr. Y!

See For Yourself: Check out the Harris Parkway Animal Hospital (Fort Worth, Texas) Facebook page,  Instagram, Twitter, and website.

A New View

I have been seeing lots of New Year posts on Facebook and blogs. People sharing their resolutions (or why they do not do resolutions), their one-word for the year, celebrating fresh starts, clean slates.

Whether you do resolutions or not, I think many people can relate to the feeling of promise and new inspirations.

Snow First Light - janetcrosby.com
New snow overnight. A fresh clean slate this morning.

A Change in Perspective

I have never been a resolution-maker. Too much hype, followed by self-loathing when I started to slip back to old ways. It happens. It always happens.

Icy Skylight View - janetcrosby.com
Looking through my snowy skylight.

Last year, one of my friends suggested a ‘word for the year’ and this seemed much more doable. Plus, that word applied to more aspects of life. It fit and expanded as necessary, more so than a set resolution.

My word last year was abandon. I wrote about it here. It was a great word for the year and has been incorporated into who I am. Maybe that is how these ‘word-for-a-year’ things work.

This year’s word is: rewrite. I am excited. And I have a lot of work to do. ha! Thank goodness I received journals from 2 friends this year. I am set.

I just looked up rewrite on the Merriam-Webster dictionary site and see that ‘rewrite’ is in the bottom 40% of popularity for words. I had no idea that words were ranked on their popularity like this. Hey, it just depends on perspective, right? 😉

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