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Winter Wrap-Up

After a year of drought and forest fires, we are happy to have precipitation here in the pacific northwest. And in the inland northwest, that precipitation has come down as snow. Lots of snow!

It has snowed daily for several days now. Here is a peek at our winter wonderland.

Red Barn in the Snow
Home for the holidays
Snow Road - Power Pole
It is as cold as it looks
Winter Tree
My favorite tree – a tough old Locust tree
Snow Tree
Just need some lights for this little tree
Geese in the snow
The geese decided that the snow was too hard to walk in. Back to the comforts of their home.
Barnie at the door
Barnie is an indoor cat, but goes out for supervised walks. After a few minutes out in the snow, he had had enough of the fluffy stuff.
Tractor tire with chains
Country snow removal vehicle, chained up and ready to move some snow.
Plowing Snow
Tractor in action, moving snow (and saving my back)
Quincy in the tree
Staying cozy. Every year Quincy has to climb the tree and check it out. ahhh traditions!

More Barnie and Quincy stories on my other blog.

Happy Holiday Time

We are spending lots of time with family and friends, relaxing and eating. We are also spending the next several days getting the new studio ready for drywall(!). Studio update on this blog is next. I will be taking a store listing break, but I am planning on an end-of-year sale soon.

All of my shops are open through the holidays and I ship within 24 hours of each order being received (excluding holidays and weekends). I am taking a break listing new items, but I am planning on an end-of-year sale soon.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season, filled with lots of love. XO

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