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Sweet Electricity

My last post was during a 5-day power outage due to a massive windstorm in our area. Most thankfully, the power came on right before Thanksgiving (for us – not everyone was as fortunate). So I had an unplanned break in glass fusing momentum and blogging.

No Power Needed

During the outage and while relaxing over the holiday, I did a lot of knitting and drawing — both pleasantly low tech activities. 🙂

Wave Drawing

Glass Fusing Experiments

My kiln was in full fusing ramp-up mode when the power went out, and I was expecting some glass crackage, but the pieces survived intact. I recently re-fused them, and here they are.

First Fused Glass Pieces

I created these pieces by doing a full fuse in my kiln first. That smoothed the edges and melted flat the frit, “rocks,” and other elements that I wanted to be smooth or for background color.

Then I added the components that I made in the torch (petals, leaves, and stem) and did a second firing for a tack fuse — to soften the glass and tack it together and to the base glass, leaving raised areas.

Window Flower

Not the best photo, but the annoying screen actually helped reduce the backlight so the flower wasn’t just a black silhouette.

Tomorrow – more glass fusing experiments and some new items in my store.

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