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Melting Glass and Auxiliary Backup

I save everything, especially art supplies. Sometimes this is useful, sometimes it just creates a storage problem. 😉

For years now, I have saved every single glass rod scrap – those ends that I couldn’t bear to throw away but weren’t long enough to make a bead.

The pile grew and grew.Glass Rod Scraps


So I decided to try fusing. This is an art form that involves glass in a kiln, heating to melting temperature, creating a fused glass piece.

My first effort wasn’t for art, but to see if I could program my digital kiln to do the job. (I’ll be honest – it took some effort. ha!)

But !viola! Success!

Fused Glass Rods

I’m keeping this piece forever. *love*

Fused Glass Blob

Fusing allows me to use scraps and create larger pieces.

Then I set out to try some new ideas. Fusing is often a multi-step creation process.  A full fuse melts the glass smooth. A tack fuse sticks the glass together, but leaves it raised for texture. Sometimes I do a full fuse then come back and do a tack fuse of more glass on top of that for layering and texture.

This kiln batch features a mix of these two types of fusing.

Glass In Kiln

The tree form on the bottom right (using green and brown glass rods) came out of a full fuse like this:

Fused Glass Rod Tree

I did a full fuse of simplistic flowers (in above photo), then added in some additional elements for another full fuse firing.

First Fused Glass Flowers

I tried out some enamel (powered glass) decals for fusing projects.

Fusing Glass Decals

Then back to the torch! I decided to use my torch and regular methods of working with glass to create some flower petal and leaf components.

Lampworked Fusing Components

The two flower pieces in this kiln photo show how I used the lampworked pieces together. The fused tree got some ornaments for this tack firing.

Tack Fusing

The kiln was ramping up for my first tack fuse experiment. I was soooo excited!

Then… Just as my kiln reached temp, this happened.

Power Outage

No power for about 380,000 of us in this area.

Storm Damage

My area was hit with a huge wind storm. Not just my area, the entire state of Washington. This was a massive storm with sustained 50-60 mph winds and peaks over 100mph in some areas, which is almost unheard of here — a few hundred miles inland.

So many downed trees and power lines! Crews are out everywhere, including power line crews from California and Nevada, working 24/7 to help bring back power but with so much damage, it is going to take time.

Storm Repair

No power for 2 days now, and probably not for another 2 to 3 days. With predicted temps in the teens tonight it will be chilly, but I am thankful that trees didn’t land on my house or car. The glass in my kiln survived the rapid cool down, and we have a generator. Always a bright side.

Because of this storm and running half-strength on auxiliary power, it will be a few days before I am back up with new listings. Thank you for your patience.

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