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Twenty20 Photo Challenge and New Etsy Listings

I love the site Twenty20 and have added several photos to my gallery page there.

Reasons I love this site:

  • Photography from all over the world – really awesome photography
  • Helpful and supportive community of users
  • Frequent challenges – both fun and inspiring

I have entered in a few challenges and made it into the top 20%, but not the top 20 number. Since so many people have joined the site in recent months, they redid how they do the voting and tabulation of the challenges. Now they recognize those who make it into the top 20% too. yay

The most recent challenge I entered in is called Makers, and the creative brief asked for people “creating, innovating, and working with tools,” so I entered. This is my current studio – fairly gritty in design (lol), but hey! as of this writing I am #35 out of 495. Still 2 days of voting and many things can change, but fun for now. 🙂

Here is the photo I entered and here it is on my gallery page.

Me at the torch - making glass beads

New today on Etsy

A new bone, 3 new necklaces, and earrings that actually match a necklace now in my Etsy store. (I am not known for making matching things. Get them while you can.)

Lampwork bead necklaces and earrings by Janet Crosby

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