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#TBT and Studio Update

#TBT… what?
This is Internet shorthand for “Throw Back Thursday” – a look back at old photos or memories. I love seeing the stories, but haven’t participated. Today I will. Here is “Erik the Rooster,” my first sale on Etsy in May of 2006.

Throwback Thursday - First Etsy Sale in 2006

Trying to find the original Erik photo led me on a frustrating search through my messy photo archives. :-/ Most of the photo disorganization is my fault, but some of it is due to the different computers and photo managing systems I have used over the years. I am unable to open them now due to defunct or out of business software programs.

Adobe Lightroom, here I come. Wish me luck in the mega photo transfer process.

Studio Update

Progress continues on the studio rebuild. Each evening and all weekend we have worked, and it is very exciting! Especially when it looks like this outside.

Grey October Day

I found a tile warehouse that was a little slice of heaven for me. Happy that I could purchase small quantities (at great prices), I picked up whatever caught my eye. I will figure out the design later.

Tiles - glass and porcelain

Aqua Tiles
Seriously. I just want to dive in.

These tiles are for a huge mural I will be working on for the wall. We also plan to do the large window sills in tile, too.

Window Tile

In glass studio, non-flammable surfaces (workbench, floor) are key. My studio space has a concrete floor. This is fine for me. Done.

But my aforementioned sweet, smart, engineer husband just couldn’t leave his “let’s tile the floor too” idea. I relented and said ok – let’s just do the biggest, squarest tiles and be done with it. But no.

The floor is now very complicated. But also very cool. 🙂

Studio Floor

Of course, I had helpers for this project.

Barnie and Quincy Helping Out

More: Here is an in-depth look at my studio helper Quincy and his buddy Barnie over on my other blog.

In other news

New Glass

I did some quick color testing last night.

New Glass - Bones and Hen

Top bone – New zany green!

Right bone – wispy purple stripes, possibly red-striking. Need to play around more with this one.

Bottom bone – How did I miss this color on earlier glass orders?! Delicious semi-transparent sea glass green. How clear or opaque it ends up depends on how long I work it in the flame.

Left bone – This is supposed to be a ‘wispy’ aqua, but the wisps left me desiring more. I will have to do more testing on this one.

Hen in the center – A new color for the body called “Autumn.” Just have one rod of this to test out.

Woot! My photo on Twenty20 made it to the top 20% in the Makers competition. This photo was generated by Twenty20 and emailed to me. It looks like a few entries dropped out – from 495 in my earlier post.


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