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Sugar Skull Giveaway

I posted several photos yesterday, but the last one is what started a conversation on Facebook. Sugar skulls! I laughed at a few of the comments. Thank you to Dr. Jessica V. and Loraine B. for the suggestions to make some sugar skulls.

I have made skull beads before, but not the sugar kind. I have to say… this is more my style to have color and flowers and other decorative elements.

Sugar Skull Beads - free drawing

So these are “firsties,” my trial designs to figure out what I like and where I want to go with the ideas. Usually, these beads get relegated to the overflowing bead drawer never to see the light of day.

But in an effort to be less self-critical, I am going to be brave and put them out there. This may backfire.

So… how about free? I will do a drawing for one of these beads on my facebook page at 9 am pacific time. A few of these will be listed in my Etsy shop soon. Which ones? You get the first pick from the photo above, shipped to you at no charge.

All you have to do is comment with one way you were ‘brave’ this week. However you define that. And, if you can’t think of something, just say ‘hi’ and that will count. Not on Facebook? That is ok – you can comment at the bottom of this post until tomorrow when the drawing ends.

I will number all of the comments and use the random number generator to pick a winner. Good luck.

Now off to the torch to work on more sugar skulls!

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