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Scotch Tape Transfers

I have had some pleasant detours living Life in the Slow Lane, one of them was discovering all of the fun art classes at Creativebug.com. They offer a 2-week free trial, then it is $4.95 a month for unlimited classes.

Some classes are free all of the time. One of those free classes, Image Transfers, had me eager to try out scotch tape transfers.

I have created transfers with acrylic paint before. It can be done, but it is messy and fairly labor intensive for the less-than-stellar results that I got. But scotch tape… it sounded too good to be true. Easy to do and a super sharp, durable image? I had to try it!

This post isn’t a how-to, since the Image Transfers video (broken down into 4 different transfer techniques to try) is very good at describing the process. In a nutshell though, you use packing tape, old magazines, and water. Find an image you like, press the tape over it (you need to burnish it with a tongue depressor or the back of a spoon), and then soak the taped image in warm water.

I tried a couple of magazines. On the first one, the paper  just fell away (see bowl, bottom right) for the other one, I gently rubbed away the paper. Super easy.

Scotch Tape Transfers

Scotch Tape Transfers

Here are some of my transfers, after they dried off from the water bath.

What will I do with these? Mainly just have fun decorating envelopes and personal artwork. I found that the back of the spoon scratched up the tape a bit, so I put a paper napkin in between the spoon and tape. That worked great.

One of the first pieces was the Sound of Music one at the top. I didn’t burnish it completely and you can see the white ‘static’ where the ink didn’t transfer.

I decided to use that one to play around with first.

Tape transfer plus drawing

Scotch tape transfer plus drawing

The hills are alive with the sound of music! (are you humming along now? teehee)

Try it – super fun way to use old magazines.

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