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Back Again

After my planned family summer break in July, I was eager to get back to torching. And I did! I jumped back into my studio right away. Unfortunately, not that long into my first torch session, my elbow started to hurt. This was especially odd since I hadn’t hurt my elbow and I have no history of elbow or joint pain.

My elbow looked fine, so I kept working. About 20 minutes later, it hurt too much to concentrate. I went to have a look in a mirror. It looked fine, but was starting to swell. I went to urgent care the next morning.

That was almost 2 weeks ago. Many doctor visits, ER room, surgery, and a hospital stay later, I am moving a little slow, but I am back.

Hospital Tray
Pudding. A horrible death to the goodness of chocolate.

I learned that this is a common thing — the bursa (fluid sac in the elbow joint) can become inflamed or infected and it is very painful. The not common thing was spreading to my entire arm. The docs say that it can happen from a micro cut that you aren’t even aware of, as in my case.

But I am healing up well and feel good again, even if I have to go easy on my elbow. Grateful that it was my left arm and not my right. Big shout out to my husband, who was a huge support and very helpful throughout all of this. ❤


I need to hold off on torching for a few more days. I am not a good “rester” in the first place, and after two weeks of this, I am going a little stir-crazy.

Here are a few things I am working on.

Taking photos is one of my favorite things to do. And, fairly easy to do — even in the hospital. Ha!

I discovered a new photo site that I am in love with called Twenty20.com. Here is my page of photos that I will be adding to regularly. You may recognize some of them from this site or my Instagram.

My favorite color is ocean.
My favorite color is ocean.

New Glass Gallery Venue
I am super happy to have several of my pieces in the Seattle Glassblowing Studio gallery.

New Items on the Way

That is the good news. The other news is that, because I was laid up, I pulled items from my Etsy store for SGS. It is all good news though.

I am working on completing a couple custom orders, and then will be filling up my Etsy with some new items in the next few days. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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