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Summer Sketchbook: Drink The Wild Air

Inspired by one of my favorite quotes.


Live in the sunshine
Swim in the sea
Drink the wild air
—Ralph Waldo Emerson

Watercolor and ink.

Coloring to Inspire Creativity

The above sketch is messy and organic. No pre-planning, it happens as it happens. I like to sketch like this to keep creative ideas coming. It is freeing.

I recommend coloring and drawing for everyone. It is a both a creative exercise and meditative. The whole rest of your day will be better too. It is magic. 🙂

If you are feeling frozen staring at a blank page, start with a coloring page. My friend Susan just opened up an Etsy shop today where you can buy your next piece of art-you-color — page by page. I even see some ‘extra’ room to draw there too, if so inclined. Go for it.

Swim in the wild color.


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