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Stamping Copper

This is the follow-up to the post from the other day, a peek at the process of making copper word tags.

Here is how they start out. Strips of copper, two different widths. CopperStamps2015-06-20-18.53

The hammer one is a 1-pound brass mallet, and it makes a big difference getting deep and consistent impressions in the metal. I was using a regular hammer before.


Here are my alphabet stamps. I have to make sure they are pointed the right way and in line with the other letters. Sounds simple enough, but let me say that it is a bummer to place a letter backwards when you are almost done with a tag. heehee


I use a product called Gilders Paste to blacken the stamped letters and designs. It is a wax-based resin and pigment material used to add color to metal.


Gilders Paste comes in a tin and this is what it looks like. It comes in several colors, but I use black. I apply it to the stamped metal and let it cure for 12 hours. Here is the photo of the stamps with Gilders Paste applied from my earlier post.


After the Gilders Paste has cured, I use a variety of polishing papers and pads (pictured in the above photo, underneath the Gilders Paste tin) to bring out the shine.


The final step is punching the hole in the tag and adding a jump ring, as seen in a few of these tags.

Here is an example of a tag used in a necklace in my Etsy store:


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