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Color Testing – Blues, Browns, and PURPLE

Lots of discussion about glass colors on the Facebook post from yesterday. Thank you – I love talking about color!

GlassIMG_3744The discussion continues today with more color testing examples. I thought it was funny that I have this huge pile of new glass (photo at left), but became completely sidetracked by the ONE “try before you buy” rod of super cool glass.

That rod is all gone now, and I got back to the business of checking out the other luscious colors. I focused this order primarily on the semi-translucent glass. This glass is very intriguing to work with. Some colors stay more on the translucent side, some go completely opaque.

The final outcome depends on time in the flame, color of glass, and probably flame chemistry too (oxidizing = more oxygen or reducing = more propane), but I haven’t played around with that aspect as much.

On To The Colors

The Blues and Greens

I still had a teeny tiny bit of the magical blue rod to use up, which I pulled into stringers. I also remixed my hand-pulled color that I wrote about yesterday, lightening it up a bit.

I listed a few beads from the first blue batch yesterday on Etsy, and all of them sold – thank you, fellow blue-lovers out there.


Usually for my color testing, I make a round bead to test the workability of the glass and the color reactions. Since I am out of bones though, I am doing most of my testing on bones.

That said, the center bead is a tab that I just felt the need to squish. 😀

For the center bead and the “center band” bones, I used the new magic blue and my hand-pulled mix together on all beads except the black one on the lower left (just my hand-mixed color).

The black and aqua swirly pattern beads use the new magic blue.

Greens and Browns

Green is my most favorite color, but green glass color love varies for me. My favorite green is pale emerald, aka Coke bottle green, seen above in the lower right.

This batch tries out a few new greens and some browns.


Top: a nice grey-brown, seal color.
Left to right:

  • a cool blue-green (with sky blue paws) that went totally opaque
  • Topaz with a hand-mixed black and ivory center band. Topaz is one of my all-time favorite colors to work with. Smooth as butter.
  • Rainforest and mango which stayed a little transparent – see the center bead hole?
And Finally, Some New PURPLES

I like purple well enough, but sometimes need a reminder to make more purple beads from my friends. 😉

The purple test group was actually pretty fun and exciting.


The darker purple is all the same glass. It went opaque on this test run, but also formed cool veins of darker purple. Handled very well too – nice and smooth, no scumming.

The pink did the same, but also stayed semi-translucent. I used a transparent amethyst for the paws on this one. A hint of paws.

Available Beads

I will be listing some of these new beads on Etsy after posting this. I will update this post once they are up.

There have been a few requests in this discussion and via private message to have more listings ala the recent trunk show on Facebook. (More about that here.) I will choose one of these to do a 24-hour auction on the Facebook page too. I will pin the post so it stays at the top of the page and will update here when it is up.

Update: All of today’s new listings and Facebook auction are posted here.

Thank you!


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