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Color Testing and Mixing

Yesterday I posted a new glass bone using a new color of glass. It was a “try before you buy” sample, and I was smitten at first melting, even before it came out of the kiln.

Had to have it! Then I went to check the price. Oye. It is expensive. Of course. lol I didn’t have enough to make another bone, so I pulled stringers (spaghetti-thin glass to ‘draw’ on the bead) to try out this glass on a variety of base colors. Then I thought… I can mix glass colors. So I gave that a try, too.

Here are some of the results:


I was testing to see not only how the new glass would look on different color base beads, but also how it would react – would it spread? striate? change color?

The glass I mixed was too dark. I used it on the top left and center bottom beads. The original glass did all sorts of striating and spreading.

Then I used my mix by itself, creating this tidepool bead:


These beads are in my Etsy store now. (update: sold – thank you!) Thanks for looking. I will post more photos when I have more glass to play with.

BlackBatikBoneIMG_3942 StarfishTidepoolFocalIMG_3954
OldChinaBoneIMG_3946 IvoryBlueBoneIMG_3936
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