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You Have My Word

I have a small group of friends and we meet one or two times a month to laugh, talk, and cheer each other on. This January, we decided to do a “New Year’s Word” rather than a resolution. This was great for me, as I have never been a fan of resolutions.

I thought about my word for several days. I wanted something unique. Something that would inspire me past January 3 or so.

My Word is — Abandon

When my word first popped into my head, I thought -oh no way!- too risky, sounded negative. But then… I embraced the duality of this word.

For me, it is my mantra to ABANDON what I don’t need anymore.
– clutter
– old patterns or habits
– people who suck the life out of me

It also means to live with joyous ABANDON.
– Go for it!
– Abandon fear and the comfort zone
– Embrace family and friends

Since January, several people have said they have borrowed my word for the year. I love that.


Abandoning Fear… Jumping In

When I started making beads in 2003, eBay was the main marketplace. A few years later, I opened my Etsy shop (2006). Both venues are still there – lots of opinions these days on what ‘works’ and what doesn’t, but there is a new way to sell beads these days — Facebook selling groups.

I am still a little puzzled by this but joined several glass groups on Facebook to observe and see how this works. Each one is different. Some promote selling from the page (called trunk shows), some welcome links to sites or stores, others want just photos of cool glass, no ads or outside links.

Online Trunk Shows

The trunk show spots are booked weeks or even months in advance. When one group had a last-minute cancelation by a seller and were doing a drawing for the spot, I abandoned my fear and added my name to the drawing. And… I won the drawing!

My fears returned. LOL And some overwhelm was added in, too. Selling on a good day is hard, but there is some comfort of the ‘system’ of Etsy — automatic invoices and easy payment paths to keep track of items. Shipping built in. On Facebook, it is just me and some photos. I have to keep track of people, beads, invoices… ack!

But I am focusing on going forward with happy abandon. I hope you can join me! Or at least pop in to see this new arena and how it works.

Update: Trunk Show starts May 28th at 8pm!
All the details here

Not Abandoning What Works

Writing on this blog, my Facebook page, and listing items on Etsy work for me. I am continuing on those paths. I will be immersed in making beads, photographing and writing listings, and trying to keep track of it all through this weekend. Then I will be back, business as usual.

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