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Sometimes It Does Take A Bigger Hammer

My friend was visiting recently and said that she would like me to teach her metal stamping. I said we had some time, so how about now? Off to the bead supply store we went.

I fast-tracked her to the ‘essential’ supplies (sometimes it is hard to tell between want and need. ha!) – metal, letter stamps, pounding block, hammer. Check. I have supplies, so I didn’t need any.

Until I saw her hammer.

I tried it out in the store. Ohhh nice. But I have a hammer, and am on a self-imposed Don’t Buy More Supplies timeout right now.

But that hammer.

I succumbed to one more purchase. And a nice hefty hammer does make the job a lot easier! Here is a quick peek of what I have been working on.


What are your favorite words? Post a comment here or on the Facebook post about hammering and words.

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