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Here’s My Problem

My torch station. This may not look like much, but It always beckons me.


Working with glass is unique in that you can’t touch what you are working on. The colors are all mixed up, too — glass colors are different when the glass is hot versus when cool. Opening my kiln the next day is like Christmas morning.

Every single time.

It is magic.


The Reality

It is the listing, selling, networking, and all of the other “business” things that are a struggle. I know I am not alone in this.

One idea leads to another, which blooms another, which… well, you get the idea. Besides the travel cases and cabinets full of beads, my work desk often looks like this:


So many ideas, in various stages of completion. Some never get completed because I go back out to my torch! hahaha An artistic struggle, a delicious vicious cycle.

How Friends Help

I have wonderful friends. They ask questions, encourage, and most of all, listen. Questions like “can you wear the headpins in your hair?” and “why don’t you do that? Go for it!” They encourage me to move forward, break old patterns (more on that in a future post), and not stagnate in the comfort zone.

One of my favorite questions is “how do you do that?” and “will you show me how to make beads?” My friend Carol was brave enough to try. A couple weeks ago, we had our first beadmaking session.

Check out her first beads (and a couple of demo beads).

Wow! Very exciting and inspiring.  🙂CarolBeads2015-05-12-05.57

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