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Sand Dollars – Part 1

The beach is my most favorite place to be. The sea influences much of my work with glass and other art – drawing, even knitting.

Last week I spent the morning with a second grade class taking about the beach and focused on one of my favorite finds: sand dollars. I called this talk “A walk on the beach” and, as is usually the case, I learn lots of things when I teach. Second graders have lots of questions (and stories!), and I wanted to be prepared.

And, I occasionally list sand dollar ornaments in my shop, so I thought it would be appropriate to go into a little more detail about one of my favorite beach finds.

  • This is Part I – A Walk on the Beach.
  • Part 2 will be a peek in the classroom.

A Walk on the Beach

SandDollarIMG_1487A typical low tide find – sand dollars dot the beach. This is my sweet Sophie, she was  the ultimate beach-loving dog. We miss her.

SandDollar2015-02-04-07.51Another low tide find.

SandDollar2015-02-03-07.51 Live sand dollars look “furry” and are purple to green in color. They should not be taken from the beach.

SandDollar2015-04-07-09.46 Stranded at low tide, sand dollars can live a while out of water, but move along to stay wet, either in the water or under a protective covering of sand.

SandDollar2014-03-19-19.08 This is a sand dollar shell or “test” of left behind after a sand dollar dies.

SandDollar2014-04-28-08.15 Buried to protect itself from the summer sun. Never very hot here on the Oregon coast, but too warm and dry for these animals.

SandDollar2014-04-10-08.15.08 Live sand dollar at sunrise.

This morning was another low tide. I found this sand dollar and took a short video of the moving micro-feet on the underside. Sand dollars are related to sea urchins and star fish and have similar (but very small) tube feet that they use to move, eat, breathe, and reproduce. More on that in Part 2.

Video note: It is apparent that I need to work on my videography skills. ha! Best viewing is if you click on the “full screen” view (bottom right of the video viewer, to the right of the YouTube logo). I will do a better job next sand dollar.


Continued (with better video!):


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