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Jellies on the Beach

I love a good storm. Especially a good storm at the coast. And when the winds are “just right” – blowing in straight from the west, you find these creatures: velella jellies. There were thousands of them the other morning, after a heavy-blowing storm the night before. Poor things. Stranded by the high winds. 🙁




They actually aren’t true jellyfish, but colonies of many animals, called “planktonic vessels. “Here is a video with lots more information: Velella – Planktonic Vessels. Definitely worth a watch!

Jellies on the Needles

When I am not at the beach, I surround myself with ocean-y things. Inspired by jellyfish, I have been knitting some. I am trying out a few different shapes and color combinations.


This was my first jellyfish, the bell created from the free pattern by Hansi Singh on Ravelry. The pattern is called Juvenile Sea Nettle. I created the inner tendrils on my own (didn’t follow the pattern) using mohair and a knit-front-and-back increase to create a ruffled edge.

I wanted to create a flatter bell, so I did my own thing, using a different set of increases from the top. Instead of two colors, I used knit-purls to create a lined pattern.



I will continue working on the knitted jelly idea. For now, the view from my studio.


 Coming Up This Week

Sand Dollars Part 2 (here is Sand Dollars Part 1), new beads, and maybe some new jellies, too. I have been working on some jelly ideas in glass.

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