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Art in the Moment

Saturday Morning

Saturday mornings are my favorite time of the week. A time slot filled with potential. That potential can evaporate though, with general busyness of life and those screens screaming for attention. So I got off of Facebook and turned off my computer, ready to get stuff done.

But first, I needed to go downtown to get a pair of pliers. I asked my daughter if she would like to go with me – we could get some breakfast! – and to my surprise, she said sure.

Moving Right Along

  • Pliers – check.
  • Breakfast – check.

It may be a cliche’, but I try to live in the moment. I still had plenty of time to get stuff done. It was such a nice day. And the park was right there, inviting us in. So we detoured our day. We walked around the park, the one in the middle of downtown, with a river running through it. The sun felt good, we watched some marmots by the river, and met a pet goat(!). We laughed.

Down by the river

Hours went by, no studio time was happening. Enter a tiny bit of stress. Oh, yeah – live in the moment.

Finding Time for Art

I asked my daughter if she would like to go paint some pottery at a local shop. Nope, she was ready to go home. Enough togetherness for one day. Screens were calling. She is a teenager now. Painting pottery is something she loved to do when she was little, mom.

Or maybe… well yes, actually. She would like to go paint pottery.

Off we went. I was just going to do something quick. A mug. Easy.


3-1/2 Hours Later…

We got lost in color, painting, and seeing our mugs morph into something new.

Pottery, like making glass beads, takes time to realize the final product. Our mugs would be fired and ready to pick up in one week.


And fired


OceanMug2015-04-27-08.58.42 OceanMug2015-04-27-08.58


Grateful for the detours.

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