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Exploring Summer

All of my best plans for listing beads and other arty goods in my Etsy shop this summer have slipped quickly by. Beads are here, maybe I will get those photos and listings done later today. Or maybe several more weeks will slip by. But first, some of the views that inspired the art pieces that I have been working on this summer. There were several days of minus tides in July, and it is always a treat to see under the sea. We got to the beach early, as the morning sun peeked through the mist. Summer2013a_5680


There were lots of sea caves to explore as the tide continued on its way out.
Giant anemones, starfish, mussels, and more – all await the tide’s return.


Intertwined – starfish dance.
Some dance alone.
Even those that wash ashore, like this jellyfish, are beautiful.

All of this natural beauty inspires creative energy.

The foundation for me is color – love it. Look at these coastal flowers. Pop!

Here are a few of the art projects to date. Most are still “in progress” as I try out new ideas, materials, and work through the learning curves. A friend of mine has a cache of old window panes (love!) and we try to meet weekly for lunch and art.

Here is the start of my window.

See what my cats think of this art piece.

Near completion…
I love jelly fish, and this is a very quick “sketch” on glass, trying out various paints. Lots of fine-tuning to do yet, but really fun to paint this way – an idea inspired by the window pane lunch art day.
The oranges and golds of starfish, curves of the waves, gold of the sun… made into a handmade book cover.
A lot of “starfishtic license” here, but this mini painting was inspired from one of my low tide photos.
The same painting, now finished with a little gold and silver accents on the starfish.

Beads. I still have to do photographs, listings, and so on. But what do I do instead? More arty explorations, more art projects piling up, for…? Such a conundrum. What I really need here is to work with someone who loves marketing and selling art. The creation and idea-making is where it is at for me, as anyone who has tried to visit regularly to see new listings might know. hah! But I try. Got ideas for more efficient methods of art work marketing-selling? Oh, please share.

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