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Sea Turtles for Sale

New beads – sea turtles. I originally wrote about this  new design here, and am having fun exploring this new shape. These are the first turtles for sale. I am listing them here on the blog first, then Etsy. These beads are made with beach sand as the “sparkles” – learn more in this post.

Here’s the deal:

$35/each This includes shipping to US addresses, $2 discount for international shipping (contact me for questions and US postal rate info).

Please email me with your sea turtle bead choice(s), using the letters. I have a “color key” below by letter so you can be sure of the exact colors.

Turtles reserved / sold will be marked in RED below the photo.

Also: two bones from yesterday still available.

  • A = orange with pale emerald and teal flippers SOLD
  • B= light grey-blue with shades of blue flippers SOLD
  • C = Lime green with pale and dark aqua flippers SOLD
  • D = light topaz with pale emerald and sage flippers SOLD
  • E = olive green with dark aqua flippers SOLD
  • F = green (petroleum green is color name) SOLD
  • G = intense blue with pale and dark aqua flippers SOLD
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