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More Sea Turtles

Still working on the sea turtles (previous post here). I did not realize how many turtle lovers there are out there!

This batch is spoken for, but I will be listing sea turtles in my Etsy store probably by next week.

Several people have asked about the “sparkles” on the turtle backs. And the magic ingredient is … Oregon beach sand!

I love-love-love the Oregon coast. I am always sad to leave it, so I brought some sand home with me and tried using it in these beads. Each one pictured here has a little sprinkle of beach sparkle.

And really, who doesn’t love sand?

It is comfy, as demonstrated by Sophie:

It makes a nice wind-shelter bed, as demonstrated by Argos:

And it is just darn fun to dig and play in, as demonstrated by Purl:

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