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The Usual Suspects

My pets, similar to your pets I am sure, have perfected The Innocent Look. Sometimes they are cute. Sometimes they are naughty. (And sometimes it is at the same time.)

What my pets most often are “the cause” of though, is something different…

They are my muses and my inspiration! They make me laugh every day, and for that, I am always grateful for my pets.

And so…. here are my pets, in bead form.

Prices: Each bead, wired up with sterling silver components, and shipped to US addresses:

  • Quincy = $25
  • Argos = $25
  • Sophie = $22
  • Barnie = $25

If you need international shipping, do not want them wired up, or would like to purchase more than one, please email me for a deal.

Purchasing: First come, first served. Claim yours with an email. Here are a couple of examples of beads wired up.

Update: All beads found a home. I am keeping the Usual Suspects here.

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