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Knitting stuff and bead update

Finally some guilt-free time to torch. It was Mother’s Day yesterday, and the whole family said we/I could do whatever I wanted. We had lots of fun and surprises. A two-hour midday break = peeps mowing the lawn while I torched. The beads are still in the kiln, but I should have photos up in a day or two. Mostly breakfast goodies – coffee beads, eggs, bacon, and a coffee mug, plus a couple cats and a dog face!

In other news, I learned how to knit at the end of February, thanks to this video on YouTube:

I LOVE knitting. What I really love… is the portability. Making glass beads requires a lot of prep time and a lot of post-beadmaking time (cleaning beads, etc.) and of course, can only be done in my studio – torch, flame, ventilation, and all of that. Knitting, OTOH, fits easily in my bag, and I knit in the car (as a passenger!), while waiting for kids, relaxing with the family, little ‘knitting breaks’ here and there, etc. etc. I still love glass beadmaking of course, but am enjoying “keeping busy” when life permits — with knitting. All of those yarns, the colors, etc. = very  addicting!

Here are a few projects to date. I plan to explore glass buttons or other ways to accessorize knitted projects with handmade glass beads.

My Cat Greta on her Cat Mat
My Cat Greta on her Cat Mat

The Cat Mat, modeled by Greta.

The Cat Mat
The Cat Mat
Checkerboard hat
Checkerboard hat and self-striping yarn
Crazy dog sweater for my Greyhound
Crazy dog sweater for my Greyhound, Argos

Learn more: Argos and my foster Greyhound, Hammer (who found a wonderful forever home!)

I also discovered Ravelry, thanks to a local friend who I ran into at the yarn store. She said the site is “like Facebook for knitters” and WOW! was she ever right. Although I have to say it is waaaaay better than Facebook, programming-wise. I even showed my dh how slick the site is as far as all of the things it “does” to connect people, yarns, patterns, forums, and groups. Very cool. If you are on Ravelry, you can find me here.

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