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New October Beads

September was a crazy busy month. I traveled to Ohio, Portland (Race for a Cure) and New York City (About.com conference). Busy. I am glad to be back home and getting set for fall.

I keep making new beads – lots of bone orders to work on – but what I really need to do is clean and organize my studio space. Started that task this weekend…

I fully expect to find all sorts of “new” glass and other goodies that have become misplaced over the years. For now, here are the latest beads.

PS – trying to do some image troubleshooting. The images in this blog look fuzzy to me. The exact same image is on my other blog, and it is sharp. Any ideas out there? Please email me if you have a tip or suggestion. Thanks! All I can think of is how the theme handles the image?

October 2009 Beads - Firefly Lampwork Janet Crosby

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